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Top Alternative for Outlook - What users Say About Email clients?

With an estimated 1.2 billion active users, Microsoft 365 ( previously Office 365) is one of the most popular email servers worldwide and makes Outlook extremely used email clients. With its extensive features, enterprise-grade security, and Office integrations that permit an additional level of extensibility, Microsoft Outlook has long been the preferred email software for many organizations.

Although it is popular, its cost can be pretty high, and its features are more significant than businesses might require. If you're searching for an email application and want to know the various Outlook alternatives available, you're in the right spot. Let's begin.

Microsoft Outlook Limitations

Despite all the beautiful things Outlook can offer, it has several severe limitations. The first is with the price. There are two options to buy Outlook as a standalone license in conjunction with Microsoft 365. The latter will cost $139.99 for each request. Each franchise is only available for one PC or Mac, making this not a good investment for large-scale companies and not feasible for smaller companies.

Pricing for the latter begins at $5 per user each month, per month for Microsoft 365 Business Basic, and goes up into the $20 range per user each month, per month for Microsoft 365 Business Premium; all versions come with the annual contract. While Business Basic may be more affordable for freelancers and smaller enterprises than the more expensive tiers, you'll be spending more money for services you might not want or require.

With Outlook's comprehensive features, It can be tedious, long, and time-consuming to bring your employees proficient in utilizing the various components inside Outlook. Outlook interface. While Outlook's extensive list of capabilities could be a major selling factor for businesses that require them, it may appear to be a lot of unnecessary features for those who don't.

In the end, Outlook isn't exactly known for its reliability. Although it's the preferred email client for numerous businesses, Outlook is prone to being slow, abruptly crashing, experiencing issues with sending and receiving messages, and many more.;area=summary;u=424641

8 Popular Outlook Alternatives

Apple Mail

Apple Mail -- more commonly referred to by the term "Mail" -- is Apple's email client native. The beauty of Apple Mail is in its simplicity: Its interface is simple in appearance, is easy to use and has many of the same functionality as Outlook, including email sorting, archiving, and sharing files. While Apple Mail has been criticized as being too simple, Apple Mail comes with several add-ons available, and the latest upgrades have added several options to the application that enhances its functionality. It is also possible to use Apple Mail to sign in to other accounts like Google, Yahoo, iCloud, AOL and -- you've guessed it-- the Outlook mentioned above.

Pricing: Free with macOS and iOS, watchOS, or iPadOS

Users Say.

"I enjoy the fact that it's extremely user-friendly and contains all my data kept in one place. All my accounts, regardless of whether they are Yahoo, Exchange, or Gmail are able to be stored in one location, meaning that I'm able to quickly and easily take my emails and respond. As someone who is on the move most times it's easy to distracted and not check your emails. Also, having multiple accounts can be annoying to have to log in to each of them. My life is much simpler. Thanks, Apple Mail!"

eM Client

Like Apple Mail, eM Client offers a simple interface and is simple to use, yet it does this without sacrificing features. As with Outlook, eM Client offers integrated calendaring and instant messaging, as well as scheduling and managing contacts and task lists. Users also enjoy advanced features like email sleep and scheduling, and eM Client is a complete solution that comes in a simple package. eM Client is compatible with PGP encryption, offers automatic backups, and is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Cost: Individuals can get the eM Client for free. EM Client Pro for businesses begins at $49.95 per unit. However, this price drops with the more significant number of units you buy.

Users Say.

The "Easy to use" mail application is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10. eM Client has excellent organizational capabilities and provides an excellent visual method to organize and identify emails. It was easy to set up, and integration with hosting service for mail (use GoDaddy, Gmail and Mail) was not complex. It was also simple to set up multiple email ID feeds."


Created by the open-source software company GNOME Project, GNOME Project, Evolution is a "personal information management application that provides integrated mail, calendaring and address book functionality." Evolution is available on Linux but not compatible with Windows or Mac and is a sought-after Outlook alternative for a restricted audience. Evolution offers a user-friendly dashboard, adaptive junk email filtering, and the ability to support IMAP and POP3 protocols. It can also be integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange Server.

Price: Free

Users Say.

"Evolution is the sole email application on Linux that, straight out of the box, can communicate with IMAP, IMAP+, and EWS. It's highly reliable, and the interface (a version of Outlook in 1997) is extremely user-friendly. It can be connected to any Calendar I've ever thought of through connection to Gnome (via the evolution data, possibly? ).

It could benefit from a visual refresh. But for those of you who are like me and need access to Exchange and manage your personal information from other types of sources, it's my challenge to you find a better single-stop store."


If consider Gmail, Google's free web-based email application designed to be used for personal use, is the first thing that it the first thing that comes to our mind. But, Google also offers a business version of Gmail via Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), Google's collaboration and productivity suite. The business version of Gmail comes with anything from 30 GB to infinite cloud storage, depending on your chosen plan. Also, it integrates with Google Chat and Meets and Rooms to be competitive with Microsoft and Slack.

When you pay for Google Workspace, users get all of the functionality that they're accustomed to within the for-free version of Gmail like Google Calendar, Drive and Docs, in addition to access to the entire Google Workspace toolset, including custom domains, a site builder and a tool for optimizing work and improved security. Google Workspace also offers Gmail extensions for greater flexibility.

Cost: Free for personal use. Google Workspace starts at $6/user/mo. For business. Starter

Users Say.

"I also like using Gmail over the Gmail mail service instead of the typical email client such as Outlook because it's easier to use. I have access to Gmail at any time, and I've memorized the keyboard shortcuts that will save me time. I utilize the Gmail app to access the business emails on my mobile, and it's simpler to configure in comparison to Microsoft Outlook.",profile,11764,thunderbirdexport.html


"Designed around the user." "More sophisticated than Outlook." "Outperforms Outlook in most departments." These are only a few of the assertions that Mailbird offers about its email client for desktops, and if the users are believed by their customers, it's all true. With features like unifying inboxes, a custom layout, robust integration with apps, email sleeping and the ability to search for attachments, there's not surprising that Mailbird is the top choice for the best Outlook alternative. Even though it comes with costs, Mailbird is significantly less cost-effective than Outlook and Gmail for businesses. The only downside to Mailbird is that it's only available on Windows but plans to introduce Mailbird on Mac are being considered.

Price: $5.75/mo. for Mailbird Business

Users Say.

"Mailbird offers me the same features that other desktop email applications didn't give me, the opportunity to be on top of my email. It's speedy, and thanks to the unified mailbox, emails aren't lost in the noise. When my team was first switching from one to the other, we were able import all of the settings for an email from the previous email program we were using. It was easy to set up!"


Made with small-sized businesses with small businesses in the back of their minds, Postbox offers similar simplicity that you get from Apple Mail but with a more significant number of features which makes it well-suited for meeting the needs of any workload. Postbox has several of the features of Outlook, including deletion of spam, archiving, and quick search. Then there are other features: Postbox's impressive feature includes more than 25 signature design templates and smart folders, the Fast Bar to help you quickly triage messages, and many app integrations.

Price: $29/user for 1-year license; $49/user for lifetime license

Users Say.

"Postbox has helped me consolidate all my email messages in one location and store[smy attachments and messages all in one user-friendly and reliable workspace local to me. I'm not able to be more grateful, as I am deeply grateful to the people who created Postbox for creating this wonderful app that has helped me organize my extremely busy life of messaging and personal business over the past seven years."


If you're looking for an Outlook alternative for your Mac, look at Spark. This email client from a third party earns praise for its sleek appearance, user-friendly interface, and innovative features like Smart Inbox, which collects and categorizes emails automatically from various accounts, and Quick Replies, which provides users with templates for responses. Like Outlook, Spark offers snooze and schedule delivery, email reminders, and the ability to manage tasks. Currently, Spark is only available on Mac; however, it is on its way.

Cost: Free for personal use. The Spark Premium begins at $6.39/user/mo.

Users Say.

"Spark is our preferred third-party email program for the Mac due to its fantastic combination of robust features and a sleek, well-designed user interface. It's an excellent productivity tool for individuals as well as offering new options for teams that require collaboration in email communications.";area=summary;u=1590;area=summary;u=1355535


The final option on the list, the Outlook alternative, includes Thunderbird Mozilla's open-source, cross-platform email client. Alongside the standard options, like the ability to create an address book with one click, email filtering, and reminders for attachments, Thunderbird also comes with a large selection of extensions that make it highly customizable. Thunderbird is also a powerful security feature, such as small image and phishing security and spam filtering. Because Thunderbird is an open-source project, the software is accessible for free, and everyone is invited to provide design codes, which means it's constantly innovating.

Price: Free

Users Say.

"If you're not a fan of the limited web-based email tools or want to customize your experience of browsing and organization, Thunderbird is a must download. It's free, and it comes with many plug-ins available and updates as well as it's an ideal fit for anyone who has several emails to handle."

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